PAX consultant

In which bag or backpack does my equipment actually fit in? By means of the PAX consultant you compile a selection of PAX products which which can store your equipment.

Field of application

We have classified our bags and backpacks in fields of application. Here you roughly choose, if your bag or backpack is determined to daily or rather private use!

Daily emergency service
Paramedic service
Under cover operation
Civil protection


A good organisation is the alpha and omega: This item can be combined with the practical PAX-Organising-System (POS). The product comes with one or several outer pockets designed for the XL-modules.

Inner pouches
Ampoule kits

Filling according to DIN

These fillings fulfill legal specifications and can be packed at will.

Filling DIN 13155
Filling DIN 13232
Filling DIN 13233

Oxygen bottle

Here you can determine, if your PAX backpack or the PAX bag has to store an oxygen cylinder.

Filling / Size

Suction pump

It belongs to each bag or backpack. However, the size has an impact to the PAX product. That is why here you determine which suction pump shall fit in.

Pedal suction pump
Manual suction pump
Electric suction pump



Mit unseren Ampullarien können Medikamente und Spritzen und Kanülen sicher verstaut werden. Die Anzahl der Medikamente bestimmt auchhier die Größe des Ampullariums und das widerrum die Größe der Tasche oder des Rucksackes.

Ampoule kit XS
Ampullarium S
Ampullarium M
Ampullarium L
Ampullarium XL


Shall the infusion be stored directly in the bag or backpack or rather in a module?

Infusion bag S
Infusion bag M
Infusion bag L


Here we have to know which significant things also have to be stored.

Stiff neck
Sam splint
Space for AED
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