We and you

We – are vietnamese, polish and german professional tailors specialised in manufacturing quality bags. People who turn their total job motivation and know-how into our products. We – that are Andreas Harms and Thomas Busch in the management who take their position as responsible role model.

Our work for good products is our concern of the heart. By means of this power we secure healthy, fair and social insured jobs for our international team. And with the same respect we face the environment: We clean the wastewater generated by textile processes again to (almost) drink water quality and finished fabrics can confidently be called completely dermatological compatible. Even our printing orders are almost always carried out in a climate neutral way. We are proud of all this and love to work for it.

What we like best as far as our products are concerned is: being close by your side. PAX bags shall not only be reliable, practical and resistant. We want them to be your companion with all you do. And you do a lot and almost always it is vitally important. Therefore, regarding communication above all we also want to be very close by your side. Tell us what could be improved and what you need. We work with your critisism thus you can work better with our PAX bags.

PAX bags are certified according to ISO9001:2008. Many products and manufacture procedures fulfil the directive of "Eco-Tex standard 100".

PAX Bags nach ISO9001:2008