PAX-Bags: A North German garage history

"I can do it better", this is what Andreas Harms thought when one of his colleagues at the emergency rescue service proudly presented to him his brand new ambulance man backpack from the USA. That was in 1994 and Mr. Harms still was Andreas and was living with his parents in Achternmeer situated in Lower Saxony. He disappeared into the garage and within 14 days and nights he created his first PAX bag – a prototype of the current model "Wasserkuppe". Within the following years he extended his idea of developing resistant quality backpacks for emergency rescue operations. The backpacks met with a good response. In 1997 he celebrated his first company foundation.

In 2000 Thomas Busch crashed into Andreas Harms' car. The good friend from rescue service times survived as opposed to the car without a scratch and in that way demonstrated impressively a real PAX-Bag street resistance – quite within the meaning of the company's philosophy. Even in the same month the company X-CEN-TEK was founded. Short after that both friends shouldered their PAX bags and started distribution in Europe.

Today PAX bags are distributed in 18 countries and are on duty all over the world. Besides the emergency rescue service now also fire brigades, the police and even special task forces belong to their regular customers. In 2000 production of special customized products started in Poland. In 2006 mass production in cooperation with a well-known bag manufacturer in Vietnam was started. All prototypes and many individual products as well as smaller series are still manufactured by handcraft in Wardenburg, Germany. The range has been enlarged from simple belt bags to a complex GSG-9-backpack to 200 different products. The original model of the "Wasserkuppe" today looks much more fashioned as in 1994, the two guys, however, look a "little" more mature. But their vision has not changed: Even in the future they simply want to create good bags.

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