For you on duty: the PAX team

We do admit: A dog is missing. An office dog equipped with a special rescue dog bag looking in a cute way into the camera. But at least we can say that our team consists of young geezers and nice and kind people. This is something not everybody can offer. Your contact persons:

Andreas Harms
Product Management and Business Direction
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

"Why backpacks? What did we do wrong?" – His parents were indeed a little concerned when Andreas disappeared into their garage for nights in order to create his first backpack. Today they share their happiness with him about the success of PAX bags, even though they still have no explanation for his unbraked passion for bags.

Thomas Busch
Purchase and Business Direction
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

Thomas is in charge of purchase, distribution and the cooperation with the polish team. Since 2000 he is "paxing" together with Andreas as CEO for team, bags and customers. Andreas has forgiven him long time ago that once he crashed into his car. Due to the fact that it is a nice story we want to recall it at this point.

Boguslawa Nowok
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 22

She is in charge of a bag arriving exactly where it should. She is the right hand of Thomas and sometimes also his memory. You can see it with her smile, in secret Boguslawa naturally knows: without her excellent organization talent Thomas would be lost!

Patrick Fitchford
Client counselling
+49 (0)172 | 4 87 62 09

You will hear about him, you will get to know him! Because Patrick is our customer service representative. We chose him, because he has the best manners from all of us. Just write him an email or call him. He will come to you, advise you and you won't get rid of him until you are completely satisfied.

Silvia Guttroff
International order processing
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 15

When Silvia is talking on the phone we mostly don't understand her at all. This is not due to what she is saying but to the fact that she speaks so many foreign languages. She advises in Italian, acknowledges receipt of orders in English, French, Spanish or also in Portuguese or Dutch. At least we believe it. Actually we can't really be sure about it.

Christian Runge
Product Management
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 16

May come a special customer wish as it may: Christian is looking into the matter. He is responsible of the product management and as such your contact person. Due to the fact that he is mostly deep into the matter, it would be best to write him an email. You get hold of him best in that way.

Anastasia Fröhlich
Product development
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

Anastasia is our pragmatic. When we attack her office being enthusiastic about a new idea, she is braking our enthusiasm. For a short moment we then dislike her. But when she finally decides soberly: "Now it is thought through, now I can put it into practise", then we go home that day as proud as can be.

Maria Felberg
Product development
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

If a product gets the ok, Maria will put it into practise. She turns our flat 2D-sketches into tridimensional prototypes with all her experience. When we hold these handmade artwork in our hands, sometimes we have the feeling as if it was magic. She assures for years that it was nothing but handcraft. 

Mathias Gerke
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

Approximately 80 consignments are daily leaving our high racks and the hall, some 100 kgs material from nine countries and twelve repairs from 10 customers arrive at the same time. We don't have to give thought about it. For doing this we do have Mathias. He has got the stock under his control.

Waldemar Behrendt
+49 (0)4407 | 714 76 | 0

"Where is the holster type Stuttgart from 2006 with the red pouch?" – When in the past there were tricky research tasks, internally we bet, if Waldemar would find it straightaway. Meanwhile nobody bets anymore. It's no fun, because our stock archivist simply finds everything, indeed immediately. You wonder how he can remember all that? We haven't got a clue.

You will find us here:

Westerburger Weg 30
26203 Wardenburg

Phone: +49 4407 | 714 76 | 0
Fax: +49 4407 | 714 76 | 99

Email: info(at)