Interschutz 2022

Hall 26 Stand F14 | 20 to 25 June in Hannover

Thank you for visiting our stand at the Interschutz in Hannover. In the following we have compiled product information about our new products for you.

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New products

... and enhancements for firefighters and Co.

With the Interschutz 2022 we present you the novelties and further developments of our products in the segment firefighting. In addition to the proven PAX quality, we have focused our attention on the practical benefits for the applications in your duties and operations.


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Forest fire

The new forest fire module system from PAX

To fight forest fires effectively and flexibly, we have developed a completely new and modular system. Thanks to the easily modifiable configurations, firefighters can quickly adapt their equipment to the respective requirements.


To the Forest Fire System



PAX High-Rise Hose Bag

Article no.: 278370309

Height: 45 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Volume: 22,28 Liter
Weight: 0,91 Kg
Material: PAX-Tec
Colour: high-viz orange

PAX Respirator Mask Bag

Article no.: 278410209

Height: 24 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 14 cm
Volume: 6,72 Liter
Weight: 0,39 Kg
Material: PAX-Tec
Colour: high-viz orange

PAX Double Tape Sling Holster (Basket Stretcher)

Article no.: 278420209

Height: 9 cm
Width: 13 cm
Depth: 3 cm
Volume: 0,351 Liter
Weight: 0,17 Kg
Material: PAX-Plan
Colour: high-viz orange

PAX Tactical Radio Strap with Holster

Article no.: 27843

Height: - cm
Width: - cm
Depth: - cm
Volume: - Liter
Weight: 0,18 Kg
Material: -
Colour: -

PAX AED Carry Bag

Article no.: 278360301

Height: 40 cm
Width: 30 cm
Depth: 13,5 cm
Volume: 16,2 Liter
Weight: 1,2 Kg
Material: PAX-Tec
Colour: red

PAX Rope Bag High-Viz Orange

Article no.: 278350209

Height: 39 cm
Width: 14 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Volume: 5,46 Liter
Weight: 0,46 Kg
Material: PAX-Tec
Colour: high-viz orange

PAX Locker Organizer

Article no.: 278400209

Height: - cm
Width: - cm
Depth: - cm
Volume: -  Liter
Weight: 0,13 Kg
Material: PAX-Plan
Colour: high-viz orange

PAX Forest Fire System

A perfect companion for forest and vegetation fires

Due to climate change and its consequences, the number of forest and vegetation fires is increasing massively. According to official statistics, there were 1,863 forest fires in Germany just in 2018. For the emergency services, every forest and vegetation fire means heavy labor with hoses and hand tools in difficult terrain.

A look at classic forest fire areas such as Australia or the USA shows how important adapted equipment is for fighting forest fires. With the PAX Forest Fire System PAX Bags has a system for real professionals in its program. This can be individually configured and adjusted. This makes firefighting comfortable for many hours, even in the heat and in difficult terrain, thanks to the usual PAX quality.



Modular PAX carrying system for maximum comfort

Forest fire situations are dynamic. Firefighters have to react to wind, terrain changes and weather changes within a very short time. This requires a modular adaptation of the equipment in order to have the appropriate material from the D-hose to the extinguishing lance ready in every situation. The PAX Forest Fire System, which is made up of various interchangeable modules and designed to be individually adjustable, is based on an individually adjustable carrying system.

While the back padding can be adjusted to the size of the carrier in no time at all, the comfortable hip belt guarantees a perfect fit and ideal load distribution when working. Optionally, the carrying system can be equipped with the interchangeable modules and PAX Holsters in just a few steps and can be used again immediately. This saves time, makes extinguishing easier and, on top of that, is easy on the backs of the firefighters.



Extinguishing attack, material transport or post-extinguishing work?

In addition to the carrying system, the PAX Forest Fire System consists of the PAX Water Bladder with Extinguishing Lance Module, two holsters for the waist belt, a waist bag, the PAX Forest Fire Backpack Module M and the PAX Backpack Module Forest Fire L, which can also be used independently. The water bladder with lance module is the ideal choice for fighting embers and attacking a low fire perimeter in field and vegetation fires. In doing so, the advancing squad is self-sufficiently supplied for extinguishing during forest fire fighting. Thanks to the economical nozzle and the fine atomization of the extinguishing water, the extinguishing effect is extremely effective in the terrain. If more water is needed, the PAX Forest Fire Backpack Module M shows its strengths.

It has sufficient space for 1 to 2 D-hoses including fire hose and is thus a perfect companion for use on the flame front. In addition, further material can be stowed in the backpack itself as well as in the additional hip pocket besides one or the other D-hose. Starting with protective equipment such as FFP 3 masks and filters, through drinks to radio and personal items, everything is possible here.


Self-sufficient supply with own PAX backpack model

While all other components of the PAX Forest Fire System can be used exclusively with the carrying system, the PAX Forest Fire Backpack Modul L can also be used independently in parallel operations. Inside, the reinforced universal backpack for material transport offers enough space for up to 4 D-hoses including several fire hoses and D-distributor.

At the same time, the innovative opening at half height ensures quick filling from the top without the flap lying on the bottom and thus dirt getting into the backpack. In turn, additional material from GPS to food can be stowed in the spacious side pocket.


Modular, robust and highly visible thanks to signal color

All components of the modular PAX Forest Fire System are characterized by the usual PAX quality. Sturdy buckles, robust straps and resistant surface textiles guarantee long durability. No less important for firefighters is the visibility of their own emergency forces. For this purpose, the modules of the PAX Forest Fire System are equipped with removable patches in the signal color day glow orange.

The fleece Velcro patches can also be provided with individual fire department markings. Also practical: the water bladder itself is not hidden under fabric either. It is also made of an enormously robust material and, thanks to its color, can be easily seen in any forest or vegetation fire in summer, even in thickets. The latter is especially true when working in dry summer vegetation, where equipment in signal colors stands out much better than other colors. This increases the visibility and safety of the emergency forces enormously.

PAX Forest Fire Basic system

Article no.: 279730103S

PAX Forest Fire extinguishing backpack

Article no.: 279750103S

PAX Forest Fire Water bladder

Articel no.: 272910209

PAX Forest Fire Backpack module M

Articel no.: 272860103

PAX Forest Fire Backpack module L

Article no.: 272870103

PAX Forest Fire module M

Article no.: 279740103S

PAX Forest Fire Breathing protection holster

Article no.: 272880103

PAX Forest Fire Module FireShelter

Article no.: 279310103

PAX Forest Fire Universal holster

Article no.: 272890103

PAX Backpack shoulder straps

Article no.: 202540308

PAX Forest Fire Hip bag

Article no.: 272850103

P5/11 2.0 M, L, XL

The corpus

Here we present our new PAX P5/11 in the 2.0 version.

The PAX body is available in the sizes M, L and XL. In addition, there is a P5/11 version for air rescue in which we have completely dispensed with magnets and Velcro.

The universal magnet distribution allows the individual arrangement of the modules - according to the customer's wishes. The BETA version of the configurator gives you an idea of the configuration possibilities.

To the configurator

Available from 21.09.2022



PAX P5/11 2.0 M

Item number: 27604

Height: 52 cm
Wide: 40 cm
Depth: 16 cm 
Capacity: 33,28 Liter
Weight: 3,06 to 3,15 KG
Materialien: PAX-Tec, PAX Rip-Tec
Colours: Red, blue, high-viz yellow, high-viz orange

PAX P5/11 2.0 L

Item number: 27603

Height: 52 cm
Wide: 40 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Capacity: 45,76 Liter
Weight: 3,25 KG
Material: PAX-Tec, PAX-Rip-Tec
Colours: Red, blue, high-viz yellow, high-viz orange

PAX P5/11 2.0 XL

Item number: 27854

Height: 52 cm
Wide: 40 cm
Depth: 26 cm
Capacity: 54,08 Liter
Weight: 3,62 KG
Material: PAX-Tec, PAX-Rip-Tec
Colours: Red, blue, high-viz yellow

PAX Emergency Backpack P5/11 2.0 - XL Air Ambulance

Item number: 27855

Height: 52 cm
Wide: 40 cm
Depth: 24 cm
Capacity: 49,92 Liter
Weight: 3,36 KG
: PAX-Rip-Tec (Front PAX-Tec)
Colours: red, high-viz yellow

New features

  • Combination of high frequency welding and sewing
  • Rounded & reinforced corners
  • Stable feet
  • Easy to repair
  • optional hip belt system
  • stronger holding force of the magnets

PAX P5/11 2.0 Version Air Ambulance

In cooperation with a large German air rescue company, this backpack was developed in another version for air rescue. This concept solution was designed for loading in the helicopter, the modules are held in place here by easy-to-use covers. No Velcro or magnets, which are not permitted due to aviation regulations. The backpack is also a real lightweight. A back carrying system can also be installed here as an option.

PAX see-through and functional modules

Individual colour and interior configuration of the inner pockets

In addition to the individual equipment of the see-through and function modules, the handle colours can be freely selected and several modules can be additionally customised in depth with centre panels and dividers. In the M version, centre panels can be integrated as a ceiling module and the lid modules Circulation and Airway are also available here. Centre panels can be placed in the XL corpus. 

P5/11 2.0 Overview of modules

Cleaning and reflex

The PAX emergency backpack P5/11 2.0 has a smooth surface on all sides that is easy to clean and disinfect. The padded shoulder straps are made in the same way.
The reflective material is attached to 5 sides. The design of the backpack is based on EN20475 and reflects the required areas of high-viz colour (yellow in this case) and reflective material according to its front surface.

[Translate to EN:] Notfallrucksack P5/11 2.0 Luftrettung

[Translate to EN:] Notfallrucksack P5/11 2.0 Luftrettung


The backpack is opened by means of the zip running around all four corners in the middle of the body along half the depth, resulting in two equal parts for holding modular bags. The centre wall, which is fixed in the middle of the halves, stands up perpendicular to the two body parts. An oxygen cylinder is fixed in the centre of the back corpus by means of wipeable straps.

The PAX P5/11 2.0 emergency backpack air ambulance has 2 circumferential zips. The body can be opened as desired.

Repair and sustainability

Should this robust emergency backpack require repair after a few years, all segments can be repaired or replaced thanks to the completely newly developed concept.

All components and assemblies can be exchanged and replaced on a modular basis. The P5/11 Gen2. has thus not only become more robust for use, but also offers attractive sustainability due to the resource conservation associated with the reparability: reliable and environmentally friendly. In some cases, this can even be done directly on site by the customer.

If a repair is carried out by PAX, a general overhaul will take place on request. The customer thus keeps his purchased product with the certainty of being able to use it reliably for years to come. The new, more stable and larger feet of the P5/11 Gen.2, for example, can be easily replaced in just a few steps. The handles are stitched and can be permanently replaced.



Adaptable PAX hip belt and back padding system

The optional PAX hip belt and back padding system improves your carrying comfort.

Newly developed PAX feet

Internal construction

  • The inner tub of the p5/11 Gen.2 is, like its predecessor, high-refraction welded, making the backpack easy to clean and disinfect.
  • the magnets are now welded directly to the inner panel from the rear. This increases the holding force of the magnets and saves additional weight.

For this model „PAX Ergo-Mat with integrated head fixation and neck support“, we attached a handle bar for transport. Our new, patented head-fixation system and the integrated neck support prevent the hyper-reclination of the cervical spine during transport.

Item number: 160875210
Dimensions: 202 x 97 cm
Weight: 5,30 KG



Directly to the Online Shop



We combined especially light and robust materials to meet the requirements of the air rescue. The multi chamber double layer filling makes this mattress the nescessary stiffness. Because of the often worn ski boots we processed the material towards the patient as well. The handles are directly connected to the mattress to safe space and weight. An inlay supports the especially sensitive area of the neck.

Item number: 155585210
Dimensions: 200 x 60 cm
Weight: 2,53 KG



Directly to the Online Shop



The PAX Vacuum Mattress - I-Mat - Handles is our entry-level product and is manufactured with the same PAX Care as all our products. The straight cut is reminiscent of an uppercase „I“ and optimised for use in the medicalsector. The PAX Vacuum Mattress - I-Mat - Handles is supplied with 8 loop-in handles and our 5 colourcoded fixation straps. The strap and carrying loop eyelets are recessed for better cleaning and the carrying handles are completely closed-pored. To avoid pressure points on the patient, the buckles of the PAX Fixation straps are placed on the outer sides of the mattress. The individually usable strap extension is also included in the scope of delivery of this model.

Item number: 155165210
Dimensions: 202 x 70 cm
Weight: 4,23 KG



Directly to the Online Shop



PAX Roll-up stretcher LAS - tactical

Item number: 279355803

Identical design to the PAX LAS Stretcher - version in black/olive 

Wide: 80cm   
Depth: 200 cm
Weight: 5,2 KG


PAX Vacuum pad Roll-up stretcher LAS - tactical

Item number: 279480303

Identical in construction with PAX vacuum support LAS - version in black/olive

68 cm
197 cm
Weight: 3 Kg


PAX transport backpack Roll-up stretcher LAS- tactical

Item number: 279490103

Transport backpack for LAS Roll up Stretcher. Double zip for quick removal.
Molle on the sides and front for attaching additional material, e.g. Molle bag vacuum pump hand.

Height: 83cm
Wide: 22 cm 
Depth: 21,5
Weight: 1,4 Kg




PAX Molle bag vacuum pump hand - tactical

Item number: 279500103

Molle bag for vacuum pump Hand can be attached to e.g. Transport RS Roll up Stretcher LAS tactical  

Height: 36 cm
14 cm
1 cm

Weight: 0,1 Kg


PAX Ergo Mat - tactical

Item number: 279510303

Identical in construction to the PAX Ergo Mat - in black/olive version and more robust upper material for tactical use.

Wide: 97 cm
202 cm
Weight: 6,05 KG




PAX Vacuum splint - rec - leg - tactical

Item number: 279520303

Identical in construction to the PAX vacuum splint - rec leg - in black/olive design and more robust upper material for tactical use.

Wide: 65 cm
107,5 cm
Weight: 1,3 KG




PAX Vacuum splint - rec - arm - tactical

Item number: 279530303

Identical in construction to the PAX vacuum rail - rec arm - in black/olive finish and more robust upper material for tactical use.

Wide: 47 cm
57 cm
Weight: 0,55 KG




PAX Vacuum splint - rec - joint - tactical

Item number: 279540303

Identical in construction to the PAX vacuum splint - rec joint - in black/olive finish and more robust upper material for tactical use.

Wide: 46 cm
Depth: 64,5 cm
Weight: 0,6 KG




PAX TQ Holster - tactical

Item number: 278112203

Ideal for extremely fast one-handed operation. The tourniquet is attached to the completely tear-off cover. This eliminates the need for time-consuming opening and removal.

Height: 16 cm
Wide: 6,5 cm
Depth: 2,5 cm
Weight: 0,05 KG

PAX IFAK - tactical M

Item number: 278102203

Our IFAK Tactical - M offers space for the most necessary equipment. With the help of the practical dispenser, disposable gloves can be taken out without opening the bag. The whole bag can be fastened via the Molle system.

Height: 18 cm
Wide: 13 cm
6 cm
Weight: 0,15 KG



PAX IFAK - tactical L basic

Item number: 279552203

The IFAK bag offers enough space for first aid equipment. The scissors can be stored on the outside holder. Thanks to the Molle system, the bag can be individually attached to the equipment.

Height: 21,5 cm
Wide: 14 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Weight: 0,2 KG



PAX IFAK - tactical L

Item Number: 279562203

The IFAK - tactical L also has enough storage space for first aid and an external holder for the rescue shears. In addition, the bag has a quick-release system, which allows the bag to be removed from the equipment in one easy step.

Height: 21,5 cm
Wide: 14 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Weight: 0,22 KG




PAX Tragetuch light - tactical

Item number: 277564503

An extremely lightweight and small-packed sling that meets the requirements of DIN EN 1865-1 for slings.

Wide: 105 cm
Depth: 195 cm
Weight: 0,35 KG




PAX Roll-up stretcher light - tactical

Item number: 27957

Small and lightweight transport device for evacuating people from the danger zone. Thanks to the reinforcement at the bottom, the roll-up stretcher light can also be pulled. This allows the product to be operated by only one person.

Wide: 46 cm
212 cm
Weight: 1,55 KG




PAX Warming Blanket - THX

Item number: 278165201

Active temperature management system to increase patient comfort. In combination with PAX Powerpack 60/1.

Dimension: 48 x 48 cm




PAX Warming Blanket - THX 2.0

Item number: 279355803

Active temperature management system to increase the comfort of the patient. In combination with PAX Powerpack 60/1. With additional coverage of the arm-sensitive shoulder region.


Item number: 279355803
Dimensions: approx. 43 cm x 52 cm


PAX Power Pack - 60/1

Item number: 278170000

60 Watt 12 Volt.


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