PAX Backpack waist belt

PAX Backpack waist belt

PAX Backpack waist belt


With this waist belt you minimize the twisting of the backpack on the back. It is compatible with the Wasserkuppe and other backpacks with 25mm strap

MaterialTPU Gurtband
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  • PAX Backpack waist belt
  • PAX Backpack waist belt

PAX Waist Belt (multi use e.g. with Wasserkuppe)

More comfort, less twist

Do you know the twist? The faster you run, the more the backpack moves on your back. With the PAX Waist Belt the backpack is securely fixed on your back and ensures additional comfort. The narrow belt does not contribute to weight distribution. With the classic PAX yellow clip buckle. Suitable for the Wasserkuppe and all backpacks with 25mm strap.


PAX Backpack waist belt
0.30 kgs

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


Made to be special

especially appropriated to use by rapid response groups


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