PAX Care Services Backpack

PAX Care Services Backpack





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PAX Care Services Backpack


This sturdy Care Service Backpack with dispenser and document compartment offers you a lot of freedom with its dividers.

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PAX Care Service Backpack


  • The shoulder straps can be removed if necessaryThe shoulder straps can be removed if necessary

Your steadfast partner in the Care Service

The concept of this backpack was created through many discussions with people active in the care service. The bag has a solid body and a main compartment that can be adjusted with the divider system. Documents can be stored in the front compartment. The top pocket on the front serves as a dispenser for disposable gloves or towels etc. You do not need to open the backpack for removal of gloves etc. Four side pockets provide additional space. You can customize your Care Service Backpack using the large round velcro surface with a good 20 cm diameter.

Care in focus

In order to meet the demands of the care service, we have expanded our emergency focus. Today, the care service is an important part of modern emergency care. Although they work in the same scenario as the rescue service, the fire department or the police, they have a completely different mission. While working out the demands for a backpack for the care service in many conversations, it became clear: The equipment used is very different and so are the demands of the colleagues. But flexibility is important to everyone. That's why you can freely configure the main compartment of the backpack with the adjustable divider system.

Loops, transparent pockets, velcro pockets? It’s got them all!

You can store small equipment in the Care Service Backpack in the usual PAX style. In the lid we have added loops, transparent pockets and two velcro pockets. You can fit a lot in the four side pockets. The external dispenser pocket is very handy and is located about the generous document compartment. The body of the backpack consists of a plastic shell, therefore it stays stable even when it is fully loaded. For extra comfort the backpack also has two-way zips with extensions, a comfortable easy to clean handle and plenty of reflective areas.


53 cm
53 cm
25 cm
PAX Care Services Backpack
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70 l

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PAX Plan is easy to clean. We have to admit, this doesn't sound like having a lot of fun-but for some of you a special hygiene of the PAX bags is very important. Therefore we were looking for a material featuring a possibly plane surface.

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