PAX Wasserkuppe L-FT2 - 2019 - Magnet

PAX Wasserkuppe L-FT2 - 2019 - Magnet

PAX Wasserkuppe L-FT2 - 2019 - Magnet


The standard emergency backpack in the rescue service with 2 front pockets suitable for the POS system, without side pockets.

Comes without middle wall and inner pouches!

Coloursday bright yellow
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  • Combination with PAX-Organizing-System (POS)Combination with PAX-Organizing-System (POS)
  • Product is fully reinforced and paddedProduct is fully reinforced and padded
  • The shoulder straps can be removed if necessaryThe shoulder straps can be removed if necessary

The emergency backpack PAX Wasserkuppe L – FT2 in the magnetic version with two front pockets

For the emergency backpack PAX Wasserkuppe L-FT2 Magnet we expanded our basic model by two spacious front pockets. You can use this water tip for a 2-backpack system and divide it as clearly as possible. The removable center panel module is designed for intubation. It is POS-compatible and you can choose between different materials.

Flat cervical compartment in front

On the front of the Wasserkuppe L we have integrated a particularly long, flat compartment in which you can place a necktie (however, this sometimes leads to damage to the material, depending on the manufacturer of the necktie). Behind this compartment you access the separate document compartment via a side zipper.

Corpus with a practical design– and many rubber loops

In the corpus, this backpack shows its true organizational talent. You can arrange your PAX inner pouches very freely in the body. The velcro straps are stacked and concealedly sewn on the edges. They hold the pouches safely in their place. In the body frame we have attached some wide rubber straps. In it, for example, you store masks for quick access. If necessary, take out the rubber band or replace it. In addition, we have also attached flat clear-sighted bags in the frame. So you have, for example, unsterile examination gloves directly wrapped up. All PAX water-cupped rubber straps are marked either red for circulatory safety material or blue for respiratory safety material. In combination with the also coloured inner pockets, this makes a good thematic organisation in the backpack easier.

More space with two front pockets

The PAX Wassrkuppe L-FT2 Magnet offers you two large front pockets. The upper front pocket of the emergency backpack has loops inside the lid and on the sides. In addition, you get for them two inner pockets FT. The lid loops and inner pouches can be used at the same time. You can use the side loops if you leave out at least one inner pouch. We have equipped the lower front pocket with four loops for infusions and further loops for infusion systems. You can combine both front pockets with the PAX Organizing System (POS) with the PAX modules XL or smaller (Ampullarium, Intubation, Infusion).

Clever design inside and out

Your PAX Wasserkuppe magnet you carry across or longitudinally, because we have given it two handles. These are easy to disinfect and can be reached even in a hurry thanks to the striking colour. You can remove the shoulder straps and replace them yourself if they have become so dirty due to many missions that even regular laundry is no longer helpful. If you should get stuck somewhere, you lose the backpack with the help of the plug buckles on the belts.

The solidly riveted feet of the PAX Wasserkuppe magnet make a distance to the ground. You can put your backpack in the dirt. In case of wear, either replace your feet yourself or use our repair service. When you open the backpack completely, the sliders of the main zipper enter a zipper garage made of a particularly durable material. This increases their lifespan and protects them from abrasion.

Unmistakable: reflex on five sides

Sefety first: That's why we provide the Wasserkuppe with reflective stripes on five sides for you. Together with the PAX triangle on the front and back, they achieve a clear warning effect. The reflective elements are incorporated with a concealed seam. Although this is more complex in production, it significantly increases the service life of these safe-visible manufacturers. For the subsequent labeling of your backpack, you can use the five centimetre wide fluff strip on the front. Matching reflective stripes can be found in our shop (LINK). The serial number of the PAX Wasserkuppe backpacks is always on the upper handle.


57 cm
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Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


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