PAX Wasserkuppe L - ST-FT - 2019

PAX Wasserkuppe L - ST-FT - 2019

PAX Wasserkuppe L - ST-FT - 2019


Our standard emergency backpack for the emergency services with 1 front pocket, compatible with the POS system and 3 side pockets.

Delivery without middle wall and inside pockets!

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PAX Wasserkuppe L - ST-FT - 2019

Our standard emergency backpack for the emergency services with 1 front pocket, compatible with the POS system and 3 side pockets.

For the Wasserkuppe L-ST we have extended our basic model by 3 practical side pockets. You can use this water dome for a 2 backpack system and divide it up clearly and variably. It is POS compatible and you can choose between different materials.


On the front of the water dome L we have integrated an extra long, flat compartment in which you can place a neck brace (although this sometimes leads to damage to the material, depending on the manufacturer of the neck brace). Behind this compartment, you access the separate document compartment via a side zipper.

Well thought corpus

This backpack shows its true organisational talent in the body. You can arrange PAX inside pockets very freely in the body. The backed Velcro strips sewn into the edges and concealed hold them securely in place. In the body frame we have attached some wide rubber band loops all around. You can store masks in it for quick access, for example. If necessary, remove the rubber band or replace it. We also have flat transparent pockets in the frame. You have unsterile examination gloves right at hand. All PAX water dome rubber strap loops are marked either red for circulatory protection material or blue for respiratory protection material. In combination with the colour-coded inner pockets, this makes it easier for you to organise your backpack thematically.


For the Wasserkuppe L-ST we have extended our popular backpack with all its typical features by 3 side pockets. You can store BMG/Stethoscope, dressing material or dropping containers for DeepL access, for example. So you don't have to open the backpack for small things anymore and protect the interior from dirt. This is very practical when used and reduces the effort for cleaning afterwards.


You can carry your PAX water dome crosswise or lengthwise, because we have given it two handles at the same time. They are easy to disinfect and can be grasped immediately, even in a hurry, thanks to their striking colour. You can remove the shoulder straps and replace them yourself if they have become so dirty due to many uses that even regular washing no longer helps. If you get stuck somewhere, you throw the backpack over the buckles to the straps.

The firmly riveted feet of the PAX water dome create a distance to the ground. So you can park your backpack in the dirt. In case of wear, you can either replace the feet yourself or use our repair service. When you completely open the backpack, the main zipper sliders enter a zipper garage made of a particularly durable material. This increases their service life and protects them from abrasion.


Safe is safe: That's why we provide the Wasserkuppe for you on 5 sides with reflective strips. Together with the PAX triangle on the front and back, they achieve a clear warning effect.

The serial number of the PAX water dome backpacks is always on the top handle.


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