PAX Wasserkuppe Partition Strap

PAX Wasserkuppe Partition Strap

PAX Wasserkuppe Partition Strap


The Partition Holding Strap for the Wasserkuppe holds up the middle section of your bag and ensures quick access to all levels of the emergency backpack.

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PAX Wasserkuppe Partition Holding Strap

One band, two functions

Many of you swear by this clever helper because it allows quick access to all levels in the body or alternatively holds the opened backpack at a 90-degree angle. You hook the length-adjustable set-up strap with two carabiners on eyelets in the body of the rucksack. At the top of the middle wall you fix it with a push button.

90-degree angle with closed centre wall

When you open your water dome, the set-up belt holds it at a 90-degree angle. For this purpose the zipper of the middle wall must be closed.

180-degree angle and upright, open middle wall

If you leave the zipper of the middle wall open, your emergency backpack opens at a 180 degree angle. In doing so, the installation tape places one side of the middle wall vertically, the other side folds up. Now you have immediate access to all body levels of your water dome.


150 cm
2,5 cm
0.01 kg

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


Made to be special

especially appropriated to use by rapid response groups


Made to be personal

Product for private use


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