Special PAX-bags for special desires

The associations to the word "bag" are certainly as different as – let's say - the definition of "car". There is the square-practical-good model and the voluminous XXL-formate. Some are carried on the back, others around the waist and others over the shoulder. There is the bag with a complete structured interior, the robust country type – and sometimes also a combination of both. We like them all and are pleased about any new addition to the family.

Someone who has determined ideas is welcome. Besides special sizes and interior fittings, we are also manufacturing bags, respectively backpacks for special products, places of action and applications. We transmit the advantages of a case to a backpack – or vice versa. Here are some of our customers who have already put into practice their individual PAX-bags:

You do have a totally novel idea? We look forward to it! The prototype can initially be tested under real operating conditions. Only when you are totally satisfied with it, we will start final production. First step: Give us a ring

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Maria Felberg
Product development

Anastasia Ritter
Product development