Withstands: PAX Dura


Decitex, titration and Denier: With all these technical terms of the textile industry you can lose thread from time to time. With us the contrary happened! We have found our thread – and turned it into PAX Dura.e-ordered. Because we know: It is continuance that enables equipment procurement being calculable.

It withstands and withstands and withstands and withstands – and withstands! PAX Dura feels at home in any inhospitable area and is extremely uncomplicated. If PAX Dura was a piece of clothing, it would be a blue jeans. (By the way, it feels like that.)

The raw material out of which our heroic fabrics are made of is an extremely robust polyamide fiber. We are using exclusively high quality grades and process the fiber with a very high yarn density per square centimeter. This is also the reason for the high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. In order that PAX Dura becomes less dirt attractive we have additionally teflon impregnated it from the outside and on the rear side we have waterproofed it by a double Polyurethane coating. - Nevertheless your backpack could do with a washing? Our Washing-video shows you how to proceed.

Like all good fabrics PAX-Dura is produced according to the "Eco-Tex Standard 100"-certifying that the production fulfils the ecological standards to the full extent. 

PAX-Dura: Technical data


Polyamide fabric with one-sided PU-coating


Fluorocarbon impregnation


350 g/m² with coating

Tensile strength

Warp 378 daN / Weft 320 daN

Tear propagation

Warp 19 daN / Weft 20 daN

Maximum application temperature



> 1000 mm H2O


Especially appropriate as outer material for professional use of emergency backpacks and bags.

Material PAX-Dura

Pax Dura