Easy-care: PAX Plan


PAX Plan is easy to clean. We have to admit, this doesn't sound like having a lot of fun-but for some of you a special hygiene of the PAX bags is very important. Therefore we were looking for a material featuring a possibly plane surface. And we looked for it quite a long time! What we found was a polyester thread that we have quickly coated with PVC and lacquered. We tested it in the lab and in the open country – and deemed it to be excellent!

PAX Plan is indeed a hint less tear-resistant than PAX Dura, however, it offers excellent cleaning and disinfecting conditions. This is the reason why we use it – in a lighter and thinner version – for the interior of our bags and backpacks. In order to achieve a long lifetime we have strengthened all chafe-prone areas of our high-quality backpacks with a special heavy-duty material called PAX-Treme.

By the way, since it's development in 2006 competitors have often copied our PAX-Plan. This really pleases us very much since it is a honest compliment. However, nobody has reached the quality of the original. And this again pleases us, too.

PAX hints

Take out the ambulance suitcase rail: You can preserve the material by – in case existent – taking out the suitcase rail. Common and frequent use of the rail pulling it out and pushing it in leads to quicker deterioration.

Temperature sensitive:
When it is getting cold PAX-Plan becomes a little harder and when it is getting warm, it becomes a little weaker. This is normal with this kind of material and has no impact to the quality.

PAX-Plan technical data


Polyester fabric with PVC coating on both sides


lacquered on both sides/mirror finished


650 g/m² incl. coating

Tensile strength

Warp 250 daN
Weft 220 daN

Tear propagation

Warp 25 daN
Weft 22 daN

Application temperature



> 1000 mm H2O


Outer material is especially appropriate to professional use of emergency rescue backpacks and bags.

Material PAX-Plan

Pax Plan