Indestructible: PAX Treme


You know it with pullovers: At first the elbows are abrasion-exposed. Strong wear requires a special protection. The elbow leather patch was invented for pullovers. Therefore the patch was especially present on the streets in times and social classes when the elbows had to be used extraordinarily. For us it was a nice example. According to the same idea we developed PAX Treme.

PAX Treme is a fabric bonding out of different, highly complex polymeres and a very resistant coating. Together this results in a high-strength material. No matter if on carrying straps, on the zipper or at the bottom of the bag: Since we discovered this wonderful high-tech fabric, we iron PAX-Treme on everything that is often exposed to abrasion. This offers a longer lifetime and is environment-friendly at the same time. PAX-Treme is a leather patch reloaded, so to speak. In order to avoid a nostalgic look PAX-Treme patches will be skillfully integrated in our design.

PAX-Treme: technical data


Polyester fabric with abrasion-resistant coating on both sides


Thermoplastic polyrethane


approx. 925 g/m²

Tensile strength

Warp 18,21 kg
Weft 11,81 kg

Application temperature



1000 mm H2O


Especially appropriate to abrasion-exposed spots

Material PAX-Treme

Pax Treme