Our PAX Bags and you

They are always with you, if something happens: They are accompanying you driving under blue light through Hude, Rome and the West Coast of the USA. They withstand in debris, sludge, snow and blaze. They are carried through pouring rain, dusty heat and sharp frost. Their site of operation is the place of accident, area of catastrophe and conflict. PAX bags are fighting with you on the streets.

Our PAX bags are carried by you – ambulance men, fire fighters, police men and whole special task forces-by aiders who are always on the spot, when something happens. How hard and rough this sometimes can be can be assumed by the backpacks and bags returned by you for repair purposes. If we tried to imagine where our PAX bags accompany you and what they might be confronted with, we would get choked up about it. Therefore, please allow us at this point to thank you from the bottom of the heart: We are very proud of having you as customers.

Andreas Harms
Thomas Busch