Five instead of two: the PAX-warranty

According to law we have to grant a warranty of 2 years. But we offer to you five years. The reason is quite simple: Let’s say we would be a producer of tomatoe purrée tins. It wouldn’t occur to us to print the best before date of fresh milk onto it. And amongst bag manufacturers PAX bags are definitely the tomatoe purrée! Our products live longer and thus we give three more years of warranty as legally regulated.

All we need from you are the reference and serial numbers. You will find the latter as a rule either on the handle or in the interior. Insert serial number twice, fill in the form and then you have secured your five years’ warranty.

Please type in the serial number(s) of your product(s):


All information provided by you will be stored by us for interal use and will be compared with the current data in the event of a claim. Untrue statements that does not meet the requirements will lead to a cancellation of the PAX warranty.

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