Legal manufacturer's warranty

This manufacturer's warranty (hereafter called "warranty") relates to all products acquired with this warranty declaration. The warranty rights granted by law to the seller remain untouched from this.

  1. We give warranty according to following regulations (no. 2-8) by free of charge removal of the defects of the product that are verifiable based on a material or manufacturing defect within the warranty period.
  2. The warranty period is 24 months and 12 months with commercial or professional or equivalent use. Warranty period starts with purchase by the first consumer. The date stated on the original sales receipt is authoritative.
  3. The entitlement to warranty requires a previous registration of the serial number. For this please send the serial number of the acquired product directly after purchase to the below address.
  4. Exempted from warranty are:
    a.    Parts that are subject to utilizable or other natural wear and tear as well as defects of a product that can be traced back to utilizable or other natural wear and tear.
    b.    Defects of the zipper
    c.    Products from which the serial number has been removed.
    d.    Defects to a product that can be traced back to not normal use, anomalous environment conditions, overloading, lack of maintenance or care.
    e.    Products that were subject to changes or amendments.
    f.    Marginal deviations of the to-be quality that are irrelevant as far as the value and usability of the product is concerned.
  5. Removal of an accepted and binding warranty defect will be carried out by either repairing the product free of charge or by replacing it with an impeccable one (also with a follow-up model, if necessary)
  6. Warranty claims have to be asserted within the warranty period. For this the product in question has to be sent to us accompanied by the original sales receipt stating the date of purchase and product name upon prior registration according to digit 3.
  7. Other claims than the named right in these warranty conditions to removal of defects of the product will not account for our warranty.
  8. The warranty period for the product will neither be prolonged nor renewed by our warranty adjustments.
  9. This warranty applies to products that are purchased in Germany. This warranty applies to German material right.

In case of complaints, please get in touch with Susanne.

Our repair service will be at your disposal for the maintenance of your PAX bags.