PAX Lock-System

PAX Lock-System

PAX Lock-System


The PAX Lock-System is a universal belt holder for all PAX Pro Series holsters.

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PAX lock systeme

The PAX Lock-System is a universal belt holder for all PAX Pro Series holsters. The PAX Lock-System is delivered separately from the holster and is fixed to the holster and the belt or to the duty belt in a few steps.

In the first step the stabilisation plate has to be put to the rear side of the holster, if necessary, the plate has to be adjusted a little with the help of  scissors. The holes for the fixation screw in the stabilisation plate and the holster have to lie on top of each other. After that the fixation screw is tightly screwed to the PAX Lock counter part.

Safety hint: Screw with a drop of super-glue into the thread! The belt adapter - delivered as a complete unit - only has to be fixed to the belt or to the duty belt. The small adapter belt straps should be tightly fixed around the duty belt. Hint: The opening strap can also be fixed to the belt showing to the bottom. Thus an undeliberate opening can be avoided.

Holders for the PAX Lock System are available on our Pro Series holsters and ampoule kits BTM 5 and  BTM 9.


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