In this section you find all the important information about our PAX Guarantee and the legal guarantee, our downloads as well as facts about shipping and delivery. 

PAX Guarantee

Five instead of two: The PAX Guarantee

According to law we have to grant a warranty of 2 years. But we offer to you five years. The reason is quite simple: Let's say we would be a producer of tomatoe purée tins. It wouldn't occure to us to print the best before date of fresh milk onto it. And amongst bag manufacturers PAX bags are definitely the tomatoe purée! Our products live longer and thus we give three more years of warranty as legally regulated.

All we need from you are the reference and serial numbers. You will find the latter as a rule either on the handle or in the interior. Insert serial number twice, fill in the form and then you have secured you five years' warranty. 




Legal guarantee

The legal guarantee

This manufacturer's warranty (hereafter called "warranty") relates to all products acquired with this warranty declaration. The warranty rights granted by law to the seller remain untouched from this. We give warranty according to following regulations by free of charge removal of the defects of the product that are verifiable based on a material or manufacturing defect within the warranty period. The warranty period is 24 months and 12 months with commercial or professional or equivalent use. Warranty period starts with purchase by the first consumer. The date stated on the original sales receipt is authoritative.

The entitlement to warranty requires a previous registration of the serial number. For this please send the serial number of the acquired product directly after purchase to the below address.

Exempted from warranty are:

  1. Parts that are subject to utilizable or other natural wear and tear as well as defects of a product that can be traced back to utilizable or other natural wear and tear.
  2. Defects of the zipper.
  3. Products from which the serial number has been removed.
  4. Defects to a product that can be traced back to not normal use, anomalous environment conditions, overloading, lack of maintenance or care.
  5. Products that were subject to changes or amendments.
  6. Marginal deviations of the to-be quality that are irrelevant as far as the value and usability of the product is concerned.



Removal of an accepted and binding warranty defect will be carried out by either repairing the product free of charge or by replacing it with an impeccable one (also with a follow-up model, if necessary)

Warranty claims have to be asserted within the warranty period. For this the product in question has to be sent to us accompanied by the original sales receipt stating the date of purchase and product name upon prior registration according to digit 3.

Other claims than the named right in these warranty conditions to removal of defects of the product will not account for our warranty.

The warranty period for the product will neither be prolonged nor renewed by our warranty adjustments.

This warranty applies to products that are purchased in Germany. This warranty applies to German material right.


Practical: PAX for download

Here you will find installation tips, care instructions, catalogues - and everything else you need. If you want to prevent long loading times for the large files, it's very simple: right-click on the PDF file, save it on your own computer and open it from there.

User manuals

Current and archived user manuals

Declarations of Conformity

Current and archived declarations of conformity

Declaration of Conformity

Medical Device Regulation

MDR - 2017 / 745

Recent publications:

 Here we inform you regularly about new information about our PAX medical products.

Report MP Incident!


PAX Repair Service

We fix your PAX Product

Sometimes even our products suffer the scars of everyday use. And sometimes something gets broken. No problem for you, because the PAX Repair Service is at your side.

Damage Assessment - After we have recorded the existing damage, we inform you about the next steps and the costs involved.

Repair / Optional Cleaning - If you would like to have your PAX Product disinfected in the course of the repair, you can select this option when reporting the damage. We will then enclose a certificate with the product.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery Overview


For shipment USA please contact our partner Pax USA LLC.

Shipping costs

Package size M L XL
Andorra           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €
Austria           13,09 €           14,56 €           15,90 €
Belgium             9,91 €           11,50 €           13,09 €
Bulgairen           24,83 €           27,89 €           30,33 €
Channel Islands           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €
Croatia           24,83 €           27,89 €           30,33 €
Czech Republic             9,79 €           11,25 €           12,72 €
Denmark           12,72 €           14,31 €           15,53 €
Estonia           23,85 €           26,05 €           27,64 €
Finland           25,93 €           29,11 €           31,44 €
France           12,97 €           14,43 €           15,78 €
Germany             5,00 €             5,00 €             5,00 €
Great Britain           14,19 €           15,90 €           17,37 €
Greece           24,59 €           27,03 €           28,62 €
Hungary           23,85 €           26,05 €           27,64 €
Ireland           24,95 €           28,01 €           30,46 €
Italy           18,59 €           20,18 €           22,51 €
Latvia           23,85 €           26,05 €           27,64 €
Lichtenstein           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €
Lithuania           23,85 €           26,05 €           27,64 €
Luxembourg             9,91 €           11,50 €           13,09 €
Monaco           12,97 €           14,43 €           15,78 €
Netherlands             9,91 €           11,50 €           13,09 €
Norway           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €
Poland             9,79 €           11,25 €           12,72 €
Portugal           24,59 €           27,03 €           28,62 €
Romania           24,83 €           27,89 €           30,33 €
San Marino           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €
Slovakia           17,98 €           19,57 €           21,89 €
Slovenia           17,98 €           19,57 €           21,89 €
Spain           24,59 €           27,03 €           28,62 €
Sweden           25,32 €           27,52 €           29,23 €
Switzerland           27,64 €           31,80 €           34,98 €


All prices are in EUR and exclusive VAT.

Delivery time: 3 - 5 days

The delivery time of 3 -5 days applies to deliveries to Germany and Austria. 

We ship worldwide. If the desired recipient country is not in this list, please contact us!

In the case of payment in advance, the period for delivery shall commence on the day following the issue of the payment order to the transferring bank or, in the case of other payment methods, on the day following the conclusion of the contract and shall end on expiry of the last day of the period.

If the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday recognised by the state at the place of delivery, the next working day shall take the place of such a day.

Exchange and return

Exchange and return overview

Return shipments should be sent to us:

Westerburger Weg 40 / Gate 17

26203 Wardenburg

Germany (German)

If you have any questions regarding returns processing or the current order status, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

How to clean your PAX bag

Wash your bag

If you compare cleaning a mud-splattered safari jeep to cleaning a car only used on Sundays, the wow-effect with the jeep is much greater. Like the jeep, PAX bags can often get very dirty. And like the jeep they clean up very nicely: A big before-after-effect in a short period of time!

Finished washing? Very good, now comes care. As a first step, this means complete drying. Put the backpack, or the bag in a warm place for a longer period of time. Because of the fibre coating, the material takes longer to dry. Afterwards you can put back any oft he parts you have taken off to clean. You can then rub the zippers with an transparent (silicone) dry-film lubricant. After you have done that your PAX-product is clean and ready for operation again for a long time!

Hint: In order to remove oil spots, we recommend rubbing the fresh spot with a little butter. After a short time, the oil and butter can be removed with a little soapy water. Please do not use aggressive cleaners. They can damage the fibre coating.

PAX Wash your bag

For organizations and companies we offer the PAX Cleaning Service disinfection included. For the duration of the cleaning we can offer you appropriate rental products. Please contact us for more information.