PAX Production

From us – for you. Our products are made to endure the rough everyday life without a problem. That´s why quality is our number one priority. A quality that satisfies both us and especially you. PAX Development, Custom Production, PAX Material and last but not least PAX Standarts are central features in this context which we would like to bring you a little closer.

PAX Bags

Products in use

They are always by your side. They are your helpers when you are driving with warning signals through Rastede, Rome or the West Coast of the USA. They defy sludge, snow, blaze and storm. They are carried through pouring rain, dusty heat and sharp frost. Their field of operation is the place of an accident or the area of catastrophe and conflict. PAX bags are fighting with you on the streets. Our PAX bags are carried by you – ambulance men, fire fighters, police men and whole special task forces- by rescue workers who are always on site if anything should happen.



We can tell how hard and rough this sometimes can be by looking at the bags and backpacks returned by you for repair purposes. Imagining where and how our bags are beeing used often leaves us speechless. Please allow us at this point to thank you from the bottom of our hearts: We are very proud of having you as customers.

PAX Quality

An insider

Sometimes, when our highly-skilled tailors of the PAX-manufacture are sewing a new prototype and if they have to sew an inseam in a product that already has three closed sides, they ask with played despair:"Why no dresses? Or at least trousers?" Of course they are only kidding. They know the hooks of the bag production and are specialized in it. All of us gained a lot in experience from lab work and daily routine and this is something you can find in our products:


The material was a science for itself. Meanwhile we are using high-tech-textures. They are extremely safe, resilient and are produced in a max. eudermically and environmentally friendly way at the same time.




In order to correspond to all requirements we have already developed a wide range of 200 products. One for everybody instead of one for all.


The bright grey lining out of PAX-Plan facilitates cleaning and disinfection – and is clearly arranged in addition.




We do not create fashion. Our products always remain the same from the basic type. Thus the period of adjustment is omitted: If you do know one, you know them all.




Also here we thought ahead: By means of the PAX-organisation system and the modular design many products can be combined with each other. 


We have never saved on quality which in our branch would really be negligent. We neither save on working places nor on the environment. We achieve the good price-performance ratio due to the fact that we do without redundant bureaucracy. We are functional, reliable and smooth – just like our products.




Today we at PAX still have the opinion that it is worth to have a good item mendedby a high-quality repair. For this purpose we have a repair department that almost makes a new piece of the good treasure.

PAX Materials

Reliable materials


PAX quality is one of our very well guarded assets. We constantly strive to develop and purchase our materials according to the highest standards applicable to our customers. We still rely on suppliers from the early years with whom we have already worked out many good developments.




Particularly suitable as outer material for the professional use of emergency backpacks and bags. Polyamide fabric with PU coating on one side.


It is called Light due to the fact that we use it everywhere where sleaziness is required. It's high tensile strength enables us to also use it as razor-thin layers.


PAX-Treme is a composite of different, highly complex polymers and a very resistant coating. Together, this results in a high-strength and indestructible material.


PAX-Guard Plus is a one-sided waterproof coated meta-aramid material and is temperature resistant up to 600 °C. Surface weight approx. 320 g/m².


PAX-Plan is a bit less tear-resistant than PAX-Dura, but excellent to clean and disinfect. Polyester fabric with PVC coating on both sides.


As a result, the advantages of PAX-Dura and PAX-Plan flow together, PAX-Tec is extremely tough to take and at the same time uncomplicated to maintain. Polyester fabric with one-sided TPU coating (TPU = thermoplastic polyurethane).


We use this TPU material coated on both sides for our high-frequency welded products. Fabric: PE, min. 750 dtex - TPU coating on both sides - basis weight approx. 600 g/m².

PAX-Guard Treme

We use PAX-Guard Treme exclusively for the fire brigade multipurpose bag and is temperature resistant up to over 1000 °C.

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