PAX Sale

On this page we have put together special offers and promotional items by PAX. The products change regularly - so check it out every now and then.

Here you will find, for example, bags and backpacks by PAX and special offers from the categories documentation, oxygen transport, personal equipment and ampoule cases.

What you do not find here are used items. We offer you and all our customers only 100% quality PAX products. Because when it comes to use "It's all about performance!".

We announce PAX promos and special offers via Facebook and our newsletter. If you don’t want to miss anything - sign up for PAX Mail.

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Welcome to our PAX Sale

We change and improve our products on a regular basis. Every now and then it happens that we offer outdated items in mint condition at reduced prices. What you don't find here are 2nd grade products. For us quality is paramount, which is why we always produce and sell according to our motto "It's all about performance". This also applies to our PAX Sale products, of course.

Articles from our PAX Sale range

Here you find, for example, bags and backpacks that no longer comply with the current PAX design, as well as special offers from the fields of documentation, oxygen transport, personal equipment and ampoule kits.

PAX Sale News

Promotions and special offers are announced via Facebook and our PAX newsletter. It's best to sign up right away to always be up-to-date in the future.

The products in our PAX Sale category change regularly - so you better check them out on a regular basis.