PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2 frontview colour blue

PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2





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PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2


Our largest Wasserkuppe with three side and two front pockets can be variably divided. It is suitable as a 2-backpack system.

Comes without center panel and inner pouches!

Coloursdark blue
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  • PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2 frontview colour blue
  • PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2 rearview colour blue

NewOptional configuration!

PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2


  • Combination with PAX-Organizing-System (POS)Combination with PAX-Organizing-System (POS)
  • Product is fully reinforced and paddedProduct is fully reinforced and padded
  • The shoulder straps can be removed if necessaryThe shoulder straps can be removed if necessary

The biggest of all the Wasserkuppe backpacks

This Wasserkuppe is the big guy: It offers you three side pockets and two front pockets. You can use this Wasserkuppe as a 2-backpack system and organise it clearly and variably. It is POS-compatible, and you choose between different materials. Optionally you can choose which center partition and inner pouches you would like to order.

Flat neck brace compartment on the front

On the front of the Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2 we have integrated a very long, flat compartment in which you can accommodate a neck brace (however, this sometimes leads to damage of the material, depending on the manufacturer of the neck brace). Behind this compartment you access the separate document compartment via a side zipper.

Corpus with brains - and a lot of rubber loops

The body of this backpack shows its true organisational talent. You can arrange the PAX inside pockets freely and easily within the body. The velcro strips sewn inside the back keep them securely in place. All around the body frame we have attached wide rubber band loops. With these you can stow masks for example. If necessary, you can remove the rubber band loops or replace them. In addition, we have attached flat clear bags in the frame so you have examination gloves for example, at the ready. All PAX Wasserkuppe rubber band loops are marked either red for circulatory safety materials or blue for airway safety materials. In combination with the optionally available inner pouches, which are also marked in colour, this helps implement optimum organisation within your backpack.

Three side pockets makes small items quickly accessible

In the three side pockets you can stow for example, stethoscope, bandages or sharps container for quick access. You do not need to open the backpack for little things thus protecting the interior from dirt. It is very convenient and reduces the cost of cleaning.

Two front pockets: plenty of space

You can really fit some stuff in here: The PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2 has two large front pockets. The upper front pocket of the emergency backpack has loops inside the lid and on the sides. Here you can stow for example a pupil torch. You also get two inside pockets FT. The lid loops and inside pockets can be used simultaneously. You can use the side loops if you leave out at least one of the inside pockets. We have equipped the lower front pocket with four loops for 500 ml infusions and other loops for infusion systems. You can combine both front pockets with the PAX Organizing System (POS) with the PAX modules XL or smaller (Ampoule Holder, Intubation, Infusion).

Well thought-out design

You can carry your PAX Wasserkuppe sideways or lengthways as we have given it two handgrips. These can be easily disinfected and immediately found thanks to the eye-catching colour. The shoulder straps can be taken off and replaced if they have become so dirty through regular use that washing does not help. Should you ever get stuck somewhere simply remove the backpack using the buckles.The firmly riveted feet of the PAX Wasserkuppe give it a good ground clearance, so you can leave your backpack in the dirt. If they wear out, you can either replace the feet yourself or use our repair service. When you fully open the backpack, the zipper goes into a cover made from heavy-duty material. This increases their life and protects them from abrasion.

Unmistakable: Reflective on five sides

Safe is safe: that's why we'll provide the Wasserkuppe with reflective strips on 5 sides. Together with the PAX triangle on the front and on the back, there is an unmistakeable warning effect. The reflective elements are added by a concealed seam. Although this is more complex to manufacture, it significantly increases the lifespan of the safety makers. For the subsequent labelling of your backpack, you can use the five centimetre wide velcro strips on the front. Matching reflective strips can be found in our shop .

The serial number of the PAX-Wasserkuppe Backpacks are always on the upper handle.


57 cm
53,5 cm
33 cm
PAX Wasserkuppe L-ST-FT2
3.49 kgs
68 l

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


Good organising is all

PAX-Organising System: This product has one or more outer pockets, each of which can hold one XL module


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