PAX Company

PAX – What and most importantly who is behind these three capital letters? What is worth knowing about us as an enterprise? In the following sections we would like to tell you about our history, our guiding principles, our distrirubtors and the team that is PAX.

About us

We and you

We - that are Vietnamese, Polish and German tailors specialised in quality bags. People who put all their strength and ability into our products . We - in the leadership of Andreas Harms and Thomas Busch - interpret our position as a responsible role model for quality products.

Our work for good products is our heart's desire. With this strength we secure healthy, fairly socially insured jobs for our international team. And we treat the environment with the same respect: we (almost) clean the wastewater produced during textile treatment to drinking water quality, and we can confidently describe finished fabric as completely skin-friendly. Our print jobs are also (almost) always climate-neutral. We are proud of all this and like to work for it.



With our products we like to be one thing: very close to your side. PAX bags should not only be reliable, practical and durable. We want them to be loyal companions in everything you do. And you do a lot, and it's almost always vital. That is why we want to be one step ahead in communication: Very close to you. Tell us what's better and what you want. We're working with your criticism so you can work better with our PAX bags.




A North German garage history


Andreas Harms sews the first PAX Bag prototype.


The idea grows. Andreas produces and sells the PAX Bags initially as a side business.


Thinking bigger: Establishment of X-CEN-TEK GmbH. Thomas Busch, a friend from the rescue service times becomes second Managing Director.


Expansion of warehouse capacity.


Confidence and independence: PAX is registered as a trademark.


PAX goes global: The start of international sales.


Equip the Irish Emergency Services with emergency backpacks.


ISO 9001: 2008 Certification.


PAX continues to grow: Expansion of the storage space.


Introduction of the `Wasserkuppe´as standard emergency backpack in Romania.


PAX goes Down Under: First delivery of emergency backpacks to Australia.


Redesign of entire product range: Attractive and consistent with higher brand visibility.


PAX continues to grow in heart and mind: Office conversion and construction of prototype and product development building.


PAX happily moves forward: Introducing the world’s first welded emergency backpack P5/11.


Excellence: Winner Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum with the P5/11.


Unbounded possibilities: Sales start in the USA.


Excellence: Red Dot Design Award with the P5/11.


Excellence: German Brand Award Health & Medicine for the brand PAX.


Start sales in the MENA region.


2017: PAX becomes 20. We celebrate our 20th anniversary with a number of different activities.


Expension of warehouse capacities.

History in Picture

How it all began




Guiding Principles

Our standarts

Now that you have an idea of how we became the company the three letters PAX stand for, we would like to sum up in short what we are all about and what you as customers always can rely on.

We ...

  • PRODUCE the best work bags.
  • LEARN from practice and produce for practice.
  • DEVELOPe ecurity for the risk.
  • Are aware of our responsibility and work according to it.
  • MEET everyone at eyelevel.
  • STAY open minded, helpful and straight forward.
  • Stand for a humane and ecological economy.
  • LEARN from mistakes and critisism.
  • ARE up close and personal, worldwide.

Our Team

On duty for you: The PAX team

Ok, we do not have an office dog dressed in a rescue suit, carrying a miniature PAX bag and welcoming our guests. What we do have is a great crowd of people working for the same goal – to create products that deserve the PAX brand.


Contact us

We've got it all figured out: Contact PAX


PAX - up close and personal

Even we sometimes wonder how our PAX bags made it out of Andreas garage. Today they can be found in Portugal, Hungary and even in the high latitudes of Finland.

More than 50 dealers worldwide have added PAX bags to their product range. Are you sure there's someone near you? Of all things? Then call us. We are used to breaking new ground.