PAX manufacturing

PAX - 3 letters that have a lot to offer! Since 1997 we have been a very important part of the rescue service industry and we´re still eager to find more helpful solutions. In this category you get to know some interesting facts about the PAX history and the people responsible for making PAX a leading brand within a sector where every second counts.

PAX products in action

No matter if you´re working in the fire department, ambulance service, police force or a special unit - the lives of so many people depend on high quality rescue products. No matter where or when – our products are your constant companion in the field and you need to be able to rely on them everytime out.



That's why it is our most important goal to equip you with the best products possible. They need to be robust, lightweight, highly visible and easy to clean/disinfect. That's exactly what our products stand for and we are very proud to have you as customers!

PAX standarts

Teamwork is a very important factor in the development of our products. We only work with the best tailors on the market. They are true specialists when it comes to the production of high quality bags and backpacks. Together with our colleagues from product management we work for a common goal -  to come up with the best solution for your equipment. You use it, we PAX it!  Our products are the result of many years of trying and dismissing new ideas to finally deliver the best result possible.


Finding the right materials for our products is not always  easy. They have to be extremely sturdy, resistant, easy to clean, good to work with and of course as light as possible. In other words a real high-tech creation. And that's exactly what they are.


We try to use as little seams as possible, so the surfaces are welded together. It is a pretty expensive technology, but we think it is worth it. We even use it for our inner pouches. It not only saves weight, it also facilitates cleaning and disinfection at the same time. Another important feature of our bags and backpacks are the reflective elements. They are merged together with the carrier material under the required heat and mechanical pressure to make it an everlasting combination. The development of this process didn´t happen overnight. It took some time and money to finally find the perfect conditions, but together with 3M we finally managed to come up with a result that satisfies both us and the customers.




We are aware of the special requirements our products have to meet and that they vary a lot. That´s why more than 300 articles are listed in our shop. We want you to be completely satisfied with the features of your PAX product. Always true to our motto `it´s all about performance.

clear arrangements

We try arrange our products in a way that our customers have no problems finding the necessary equipment as fast as possible to take care of their patients in the best way possible.


We don´t change our products depending on the season like in fashion. They remain in their original design as long as it is the best we can offer. Apart from some minor changes our Koup for example has basicly been the same for more than 25 years. Hence the high recognition value which makes a time consuming acclimatisation redundant.


Thanks to the PAX Organisation System (POS) and the modular design of many of our products it is really easy to use our equippment for many different purposes and in a lot of variations.


Our bags might not be the cheapest – but they last longer. Due to obvious quality and safety reasons we have never cut back on expenses when it comes to our products or working conditions. We work goal oriented and as a team.  A good working environment for all of our collegues is mandatory for us. Because only satisfied workers bring the kind of work energy we need to develope the sort of quality products our customers are used to getting from us.


We don´t like to throw away stuff and waste precious resorces. That´s why we offer a repair service that gives you the opportunity to let us turn your proven companion into a (nearly) brandnew piece of rescue equippment. Why buy new when refurbished can be just as good?!

How to get your own custom made PAX product

Our shop only shows an extract of our full product range. There is always something going on in our product management. You find our latest product innovation in the category brandnew of our online shop. And if you shouldn´t find the kind of product you need for your job, we show you how to get your own custom made PAX product in just a few steps.




If you should not find the right item in our shop it is no problem to develope your own customized PAX product. Just tell us exactly what it is you would like to implement in your PAXimized product and together we will find the right solution. Just give us a little time and we will present our ideas to you to finally get the project started.

First development phase

After having sorted out your ideas, demands and necessary questions the actual development phase starts. Here we go deep into each and every little detail and start drawing and creating. We then send you our ideas and wait for your OK to continue with the next step.

Testing phase

Your sample then undergoes a lot of tests and trials to make sure it´s fit for the field. We are in close contact with you to improve the product as long as it takes to fully meet your and our requirements. When this is the case, we send you the final design for your approval.oval before the final production starts.

Final sample production phase

We then produce a sample acoording to the design developed together with you and send it to you. It resembles the seriel articel in almost any way. If you´d like a print to be included and you ´d like to have a trial print, we will create it separately and send it to you for approval before the final production starts.



Production phase

Before we start with the production of your PAXimized product, you will receive your order confirmation with the delivery date from us which is binding for us. It´s that simple to create your own personal piece of PAX gear in cooperation with us.

your personal label

We offer different techniques to label your PAX product. The labeling process can be done with different effort and at different times, e.g. pre, during or even post production. Just contact us, together we´ll find the best offer for you.

With our modern design, we offer you the opportunity to apply the organization or company logo on numerous positions of our many products. We will be happy to send you our print area templates for the individual products. Or send us the logo and we will position the desired print. Let us know if the desires are bigger than the print surface.

We are happy to embroider our products according to your specifications. Please contact us so that we can discuss the respective options on the product with you.

how to create you own personalized PAX product

Our collegues at product management always give their best to come up with the best possible product for every need. But sometimes there is this little extra feature you would like to have for your PAX bag or backpack we didn´t not have the time or resources to put into our version. This is when we have to pimp up the serial version to fully meet your requirements. And this is how it´s done…


If you should not find the right item in our shop it is no problem to develope your own customized PAX product. Just tell us exactly what it is you would like to implement in your PAXimized product and together we will find the right solution. Just give us a little time and we will present our ideas to you to finally get the project started.


After you have accepted our offer, we will check the last details and the necessary equipment to make sure your request can be realized. After having clarified this with you, we will send you a simple drawing or a montage of pictures showing similar things, with a precise description for you to confirm. We want to avoid misunderstandings at all costs.

first steps into production

Should it be necessary and we have agreed on it, we will produce a release sample for you. Here everything is already implemented as in series production. In order to save time and costs, we sometimes do not print at this stage in order to avoid the risk of a possibly incorrect printing.


Before it goes into production, you will receive your order confirmation with the delivery date which we are committed to. In most cases this corresponds with the one indicated in the initial meeting.  Now you can lean back and wait for your personalized PAX product to arrive.

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Some typical PAX designs

PAX – boundless opportunities

  • DRF ALS backpack Rendsburg

    backpack for chopper rescue with removable frontpocket which can be used independently thanks to shoulder straps and handle

  • first attack bp Air Zermatt

    - compact backpack manufactured for Air Zermatt Rescue - ideal for first attack scenarios

  • first attack - bag for Frankfurt firefighters Germany

    - fa bag firebrigade Frankfurt manufactured to fit in emergency vehicle compartments - stores your gear for first attack

  • first attack emergency backpack – Spitex

    first attack emergency backpack Spitex with removable frontpockets which can be used independently

PAX fabric

tried and tested fabrics



The secret to our high quality materials is very precious to us. We are constantly striving to produce our fabrics according to the highest standards. We only rely on the best materials and suppliers.


Particularly suitable for the professional use of BLS backpacks and bags. Polyamide fabric with one-sided PU coating.


We call it Light because it´s used whenever light fabric matters. Polyester fabric with PVC coating.


PAX-Treme is a composite material made of different, extremely compound polymers and a very strong layer. The result is a particularly tuff and unbreakable fabric.


PAX-Guard+ is a one-sided waterproof coated meta-aramid material. It is heat resistant up to 600 °C and weighs approx. 320 g/m2.

PAX-Rip Tec

PAX-Rip Tec is our latest, highly abrasion-resistant fabric, which is used when weight and durability matter the most. Polyamide with PU coating on both ends. It weighs 246 g/m2.


PAX-Plan is slightly less tear-resistant than PAX-Dura, but excellent for cleaning and disinfection. Polyester fabric with PVC coating on both sided.


Here the benifits of PAX-Dura and PAX-Plan flow together. PAX-Tec is extremely sturdy and at the same time easy to maintain. Polyester fabric with single-sided TPU coating (TPU = thermoplastic polyurethane).


We use this double-sided coated TPU material for our high-frequency welded products. Fabric: PE, min. 750 dectex -both sides TPU Coating area weight approx. 600 g/m2.

PAX-Guard Treme

PAX-Guard Treme is used exclusively for the fire brigade multi-purpose bag and is heat resistant up to more than 1000 °C.