PAX Emergency bag GP

PAX Emergency bag GP






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PAX Emergency bag GP


Compact emergency bag with thematical sections according to kind of treatment: Securing of the airways incl. oxygen cylinder or securing of blood circulation supply with AED. The covers open to the sides and this very clearly arranged bag is accessed from the top.

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PAX Emergency bag GP


  • This product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volumeThis product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volume
  • Inner pounch: Incl. weld inner pounchInner pounch: Incl. weld inner pounch
  • Product is fully reinforced and paddedProduct is fully reinforced and padded

Oxygen on the right, circulation on the left

With the emergency bag GP you have the most important tools for patient care immediately at hand. The bag is divided thematically into airway protection incl. oxygen cylinder and circulation supply with AED provision. The oxygen cylinder can be accessed separately via a compartment at the front of the bag. You open it with a zipper and can then lead the oxygen line, demand valve hose or inhalation hose to the outside for transport.

Folds open like a toolbox

The right and left compartments of this bag are separated by a wall. Both compartments can be opened easily (even separately) with double zippers. Then the emergency bag GP opens like a toolbox and you have a very clear access from the top, also to the side division. Labeling fields on the top of the bag ensure clarity.

This fits into our emergency bag GP

On the oxygen side of the bag you attach a 2-liter oxygen cylinder securely with two adjustable straps, then above a removable cover creates additional space. There you can attach a transparent bag. Our intubation bag S is stored in the opened cover. You have the Guedel tubes at hand, which you place in matching rubber loops. The resuscitation bag and the demand valve are stored in the valve area of the oxygen bag.

The AED is placed on the circuit side. Your other tools are stored in transparent pockets in different colors: This ensures that you have a clear overview. There is a pocket for the neck brace.

Ampullaries can be integrated

You want to integrate one of our ampullaries? No problem. You just have to create some space, i.e. leave out the inner pockets. PAX ampullaries in sizes XS to L fit into the GP emergency bag.

The bag becomes a backpack

As you know, we at PAX are big on carrying comfort. That's why we've equipped our GP emergency bag with the tried-and-tested two-part handle. It brings the two carrying loops securely together and fits comfortably in your hand. You like to have both hands free? Then the bag offers you two options: Click the shoulder strap and hang it over your shoulder. Or grab the backpack shoulder straps and throw it on your back. Both are included in the delivery cape.

You won't miss these

Yes, yes, this bag is a showstopper, if only because of the large daytime yellow glow-in-the-dark areas, retroreflective stripes, and our PAX triangles. We hope you like it!


28 cm
56 cm
32 cm
PAX Emergency bag GP
4.04 lbs
50,176 l

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


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The PAX-Tec material is a mixture of polyester fibers which are extremely resistant against mechanic impulses and polyurethane which is responsible for the smoothness of the fabric. In addition to that it is free of Latex and PVC.

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