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PAX Forest Fire Backpack Water Bladder






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PAX Forest Fire Backpack Water Bladder


Modular backpack with water bladder, extinguishing lance and nozzle. Equipped with padded shoulder straps, back connection and waist belt for self-sufficient use for effective forest fire fighting.

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PAX Forest Fire Backpack Water Bladder

The PAX forest fire backpack is a modular system specifically designed for fighting embers and low fire perimeters in field and vegetation fires. Equipped with a self-sufficient water supply that holds 20 litres, this backpack contains a PAX water bladder and extinguishing lance, a forest fire hip bag and a basic forest fire system with an ergonomic carrying system.
The backpack's economical nozzle and finely atomised extinguishing water ensure maximum effectiveness in the field and make it an indispensable tool for firefighters. The basic forest fire system is equipped with padded shoulder straps, a back connection and a hip belt that can be individually adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit even during long forest fire operations in difficult terrain.
The lower end of the water bladder is placed in the forest fire hip bag to ensure optimal weight distribution on the lap belt, with the hose routed through a special opening in the bag to prevent kinking.
Optionally, the carrying system can have the water bladder removed in a few simple steps and be equipped with the forest fire modules M and L and PAX holsters and immediately reinserted. This saves time, makes extinguishing easier and, on top of that, is easy on the backs of the emergency personnel. The back padding of the backpack can be quickly adjusted to the size of the wearer, while the comfortable hip belt guarantees the perfect fit and ideal load distribution during firefighting operations. Trust the PAX firefighter backpack for reliable and efficient vegetation firefighting.
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