PAX Innentasche KT - geschweißt Farbe blau

PAX Inner pounch KT - welded






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PAX Inner pounch KT - welded


The oblong welded Inside Bags with clear top – KT, are compatible with any PAX Bag in the PRO and RRT series.

Please notify me as soon as the product is in stock.
dark blue PAX-Tex
black PAX-Tex
$26.09 *
Delivery time days (subject to availability)
7 days
  • PAX Innentasche KT - geschweißt Farbe blau

PAX Inner pounch KT - welded, different colours

The organisational system

Clear top, easy to disinfect, available in many colours, plus a two-way zipper: With the welded Inside Bag you can keep your PAX Bag in order. The Inside Bags have velcro strips on the back and on the bottom, so you can individually position them on the velcro strip of our Emergency Backpacks and Bags. To allow quick opening, we have equipped the smooth-running two-way zipper with handy toggle extensions.

Clear top & clearly labelled

The name “Inside Bag KT – Welded” is perhaps a bit long. A quick glance is enough to capture the essence of the bag. You can label the Inside Bag using the business card compartment in the clear top.

Cleanly welded & easy to clean

We are proud of the fact that our clear top bags are welded so no dirt can get caught in fabric protrusions or seams. You can easily clean and disinfect your Inside Bag. It is compatible with all common disinfectants.

The welded inside bags fit into the PAX Backpacks and Bags of the Pro and RRT series.


5 cm
40 cm
8 cm
PAX Inner pounch KT - welded
0.10 lbs

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


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