PAX Notfallrucksack Wasserkuppe L - AED, Farbe blau, Material PAX Tec, Frontansicht.

PAX Koup L - AED - Magnet






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PAX Koup L - AED - Magnet


The standard emergency backpack for the emergency services with an AED front pocket.

The magnetic system for the inner pouches makes it easier to clean and disinfect.

Comes without center panel and inner pouches!

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  • PAX Notfallrucksack Wasserkuppe L - AED, Farbe blau, Material PAX Tec, Frontansicht.

NewOptional configuration!

PAX Koup L - AED in different versions


  • Product is fully reinforced and paddedProduct is fully reinforced and padded
  • The shoulder straps can be removed if neceThe shoulder straps can be removed if nece

Our emergency backpack with AED mounting

This version of the PAX Wasserkuppe emergency backpack was developed especially for those of you who always need to have an AED at hand. It´s perfect for cardiac emergencies with or without medical attention.

Special AED mounting

There are many different kinds of AEDs on the market which differ in shape and size. That´s why we designed a mounting system which can be adapted to any model with the help of a clip-buckle. It offers a secure fit even if the carrier is walking very fast. With its opposed zippers the front pocket allows fast and easy acces.

Various storage compartments

At the front of the backpack there is a long compartment to fit neck braces (can lead to material damage, depending on the manufacturer of the brace). Another  proven detail is the document compartment with a lateral zipper which also can be found at the front of the backpack. It is separated from the neck compartment.

Well thought out corpus design

The corpus reveals  the true organising talent of this backpack. You can arrange our optional  PAX inner pockets freely on the inside. The Velcro straps with their covered seams on the edges keep the pockets in place. We attached wide circumferential elastic straps to the frame to store masks or other material that needs quick access. You can replace and/or remove it yourself. On top there are some flat transparent pockets to fit used examination gloves or else. They also have very easy access.

Great grip and flexibility

Thanks to its two handles you can carry the backpack lateral or lengthwise. The handles  are easy to clean and have great visibility due to their striking color. The shoulder straps are removable and replaceable ( We used clip-buckles which can easily be opened if you should get caught somewhere. Of course we used reflexmaterial on our shoulder straps as well.

Perfectly grounded

The feet  of our PAX Wasserkuppe backpack create a good distance to the ground. This allows you to put it down even in dirty environment. Of course you can replaceand/or repair the firmly revited feet. For this purpose we offer a special repair set for do-it-yourselfers or you can contact our repair service.

The magnetic system for the inside pockets makes it easier to clean and disinfect.

Expansion possibilities

The magnetic versions of the PAX Wasserkuppe series have magnets inside, which are incorporated into the rear wall. With their help, you can easily attach your PAX inner pouches and modules in the magnetic version to the backpack. In addition, the elimination of fluff and velcro strips promotes the cleaning and disinfection of your PAX Magnet products.
The snap fasteners in the lid can be used to attach the following optional PAX centre panels:

• PAX center panel WK module - 2019 - Magnet
• PAX center panel WK infusion/intubation - 2019 - Magnet
• PAX center panel WK ampullarium PCI - 2019 - Magnet


22,44 in
16,54 in
12,80 in
PAX Koup L - AED - Magnet
3.00 lbs
12,60 gal

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


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