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PAX Rescue Blend - 250 Gramm






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PAX Rescue Blend - 250 Gramm


The operation is completed and debriefing is on. Our PAX Rescue Blend provides vitalizing coffee enjoyment and recharges your batteries for the next deployment.

31,60 € / KG

$8.88 *
Delivery time days (subject to availability)
7 days
  • PAX Rescue Blend Frontansicht PAX Espresso

PAX Rescue Blend - Espresso - perfekte Vor - und Nachbereitung

PAX Rescue Blend - tastes delicious and wakes you up

No matter whether you are on duty in an ambulance, helicopter, mountain, high-altitude or water rescue - our quality espresso for rescuers gives you the energy you need to work at full capacity 24/7. PAX Rescue Blend is an invigorating beverage for all those who do not want to do without good coffee even at work.

Guaranteed freshness in proven PAX quality

In coffee production just as in rescue services, every second counts. With our PAX Rescue Blend you have a fresh high-quality espresso in your cup in no time at all. To ensure this, we only roast as much as needed at the moment. This is how the unique quality is created, which can be found in every cup of our vitalising drink.

Gently roasted

Gentle treatment is of utmost importance not only in patient care. That is why our coffees Hochland-Arabica and Premium-Robusta are gently roasted in the drum roaster at low temperatures. We give our coffee the time it needs to unfold its up to 800 flavors and their invigorating effect right down to the last bean.

Sustainability is imperative!

This promise applies to our coffee just as well as to all our PAX products. Our roaster not only checks the vital functions of our raw material on site – it is also of highest importance to us to regularly assess the working conditions in the plantations. We also guarantee fair remuneration and price stability for our manufactures. That´s why the production of our PAX rescue products just like the production of our coffee is guided by the motto It´s all about performance.

Versatile use

Like all PAX products, our coffee is versatile in use. No matter how you prefer to brew your espresso, our PAX Rescue Blend is suitable for all common types of preparation (Espresso pots, fully automatic coffee machines, filters, portafilters and French press).

By the way - PAX Rescue Blend tastes just as good after work.                     

PAX Rescue Blend

250 g fresh roasted coffee / whole beans

50% Arabica Highlands

50% Premium Robusta

31,60 € / KG

Roasted by Espressone

Manufactured for:


Westerburger Weg 30

26203 Wardenburg


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