PAX Taktischer FuG Holstergurt, Detail 1

PAX Tactical Radio Strap with Holster






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PAX Tactical Radio Strap with Holster


Holster belt designed for incident and section commanders, leaders and assistants for simultaneous use of multiple radios. Can be used optionally with the PAX Pro Series Radio Holster M or L and the PAX Lock System (not included.).

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  • PAX Taktischer FuG Holstergurt, Detail 1

PAX Tactical Radio Strap with Holster


  • PAX-Lock System PAX-Lock System

Communicative and tactical everything under control

Holster belt for simultaneous use of several radios, designed for commanders, section leaders and assistants. Can be used optionally with the PAX Pro Series Radio Holster M or L and the PAX Lock System (not included.).
Leaders in the fire brigade, police and rescue services as well as in civil protection and disaster control do not have it easy in the field. They plan, lead, organise, coordinate with limited resources, are constantly confronted with new changes in the situation and then also have to bring all the threads together via several radio channels.
In addition to experience, training and team spirit, it is also crucial to have the right equipment to support leaders in every situation. Designed by emergency personnel for emergency personnel, we present the tactical FuG holster belt, which not only offers space for several radios, but also scores with several practical features.

Free hands thanks to tactical shoulder strap with radio pocket

Communication via TETRA digital radio has become the standard for authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS) almost everywhere. However, group, platoon and association commanders in particular are armed with several radios to manage communication with the crew and command facilities such as the command vehicle, the fire brigade operations centre or the control centre. Who hasn't often been annoyed by the uncomfortable fit of the radios on the belt and jacket or by the tangle of the spiral cable of two fist microphones at the same time?
The PAX Bags shoulder strap with integrated PAX Pro Series radio holster L puts an end to this. The digital radio fits comfortably in the holder provided, while the headset can be attached to the proven MOLLE system either at chest or shoulder height. This leaves the hands free to work and the personal protective equipment (PPE) free from obstructions. In addition, the PAX Pro Series Radio Holster L offers extra space for organisational materials, paging name cards and personal items.

Modular system with individual equipment options

The heart of the system is the optionally available pocket for a digital handheld radio (HRT). The digital radio is attached in such a way that emergency forces can easily switch between DMO and TMO operation. If required, a second radio and headset can be attached to this multifunctional PAX belt for optimal communication between command, section command and crew.
The MOLLE system also allows modular expansion with any pouches and holsters with MOLLE loops or the practical PAX Lock System. It is no wonder that experienced BOS forces appreciate the individualisation by attaching map pockets, pen pockets as well as pockets for tools and other materials. In addition, it is also possible to use two harnesses hung in opposite directions for maximum equipment.

Safe addition to personal protective equipment

Whether for personal, functional or vehicle use. It doesn't matter with the tactical shoulder belt and radio holder from PAX Bags. The corresponding identification by patches or name strips is easily possible and exchangeable due to the robustly sewn Velcro flap at shoulder height.
The colour scheme in eye-catching fluorescent orange not only makes the belt highly visible, but also makes it suitable for universal use in a wide range of BOS, from the fire brigade and the police to the ambulance service, the DLRG and active rescue dog teams. The overall package is completed by the reflective stripes on the chest and back, which provide additional visibility and thus safety, especially at emergency scenes in moving traffic.
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