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PAX Water Rescue Manniquin






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PAX Water Rescue Manniquin


The PAX Water Rescue Manniquin is used for training purposes to prepare personnel for rescues on the high seas. It is modeled after an adult human in terms of size and shape, with a height of approximately 6ft/1.82m.

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  • PAX Übungspuppe Wasserrettung , 1
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PAX training mannquin water rescue

The PAX water rescue training manniquin is designed for training in rescuing individuals from water or high seas situations. Modeled after an adult human, it stands at approximately 6 feet tall and weighs 77 lbs. The face is red, while the rest of the head is yellow, ensuring trainers can easily assess correct actions even from a distance.

Thanks to the manniquin's modular internal design, it can simulate different realistic weights and conditions using a variety of equipment options such as weights, foam, and buoyancy elements. There's a sturdy loop on the back of the manniquin in the shoulder area, making it easy to hang the wet manikin for drying after use.

The manniquin is made of tough materials and has different openings, along with a coverall, allowing it to be used in harsh weather conditions at sea. These openings also facilitate quick water drainage and drying of the system components.

In addition to the manniquin itself, the package includes a sturdy coverall available in various colors, a pair of rubber boots with drainage features, and a solid yellow life jacket.

Please note that the PAX life jacket is meant to be used exclusively as an accessory for the PAX water rescue training manniquin.

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