PAX Infection protection bag, front view, color orange.

PAX infection protection bag

PAX infection protection bag


Our PAX bag for the complete infection protection equipment - clearly arranged and well structured.

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Clearly arranged and well structured - the PAX infection protection bag

The PAX infection protection bag is ideal for the storage of the complete equipment during infection protection missions and transports. Inside, there are three separate, colour-coded compartments that allow the storage of infection protection equipment structured according to the protection level concept.

  • You can store all materials for protection level 1 in the green compartment, such as examination gowns and gloves, face masks with elastic bands and a beret cap.
  • In the yellow compartment, all products of protection level 2 (insets with low risk of infection) can be placed, such as protective overalls, respiratory mask and glasses protection.
  • The red compartment can be equipped with the protection level 3 equipment for high-risk applications, such as full-body protective overalls, shoe covers and FFP3 mask).

All three compartments are equipped with a loop, which is suitable as a bottle holder for  disinfectant fluids and the like. We arranged the loops staggered, this way the bottles do not take up too much space. The see-through compartment in the lid offers additional storage space for further materials over the entire pocket width and depth.


32 cm
50 cm
24 cm
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PAX Plan is easy to clean. We have to admit, this doesn't sound like having a lot of fun-but for some of you a special hygiene of the PAX bags is very important. Therefore we were looking for a material featuring a possibly plane surface.

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